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The Office and Procurement Manager (“OPM”) will be responsible for managing core office and administrative functions. The OPM will play an important role in scaling up the capacity of the country office by helping to implement systems for streamlining operations, as well as providing administrative leverage to the management team. The role will reward exceptional organizational skills, rapid problem-solving for a range of logistical challenges, and a deep interest in building GiveDirectly’s culture and organizational reach.


Key Responsibilities

  • Manage implementation of procurement policy.
  • Coordinate with vendors on delivery, repair, and maintenance of procured supplies (including equipment used by our field officers and mobile phones used by our recipients)
  • Assist with developing and implementing policies and systems for effective and smooth operation and identifying opportunities for risk mitigation and process improvement
  • Coordinate Procurement Planning and Execution in liaison with respective Program budget holders.
  • Assist in Drafting and preparing contracts for vendors and supervising/monitoring vendor performance.
  • Assist in Coordination and complete Prequalification Process leading to prequalified supplier lists for the organization
  • Conduct market assessment, vendor mapping, Profiling, and maintaining a supplier database for commonly used items.
  • Provide guidance, advice, and training to staff on procurement and logistics processes
  • Analyze Procurement requirements and select the most appropriate method depending on the value of procurement.
  • Analyze, negotiate, and prepare contractual agreements and any addenda.
  • Prepare and submit for review and approval of procurement documents, vendor correspondences and minutes of all procurement committees.
  • Coordinate with the Finance department to ensure that all payments to vendors are made on time and without financial strain on the organization.
  • Prepare for receipt of goods purchased for office or programmatic activities at all offices (considering the need for segregation of duties in the process.
Inventory management
  • Maintain a record of all GD property, and make replacement recommendations.
  • Enforce protocols on staff handling/tracking of GD property and overall adherence to safe storage policies.
  • Maintain insurance coverage for phones and other valuable inventory.
  • Ensures that procedures outlined in GiveDirectly’s Asset Management Manual will be implemented in all Offices
  • Oversee Assets Movement and regular updating of stores and assets inventory to ensure that they are properly tagged and allocated.
  • Oversee and ensure effective store delivery systems are in place, and ensure goods movement is properly documented, reconciled, and reported.
  • Prepare monthly stock count certificate and present it for approval
  • Ensure all lost, damaged, sold, stolen (or other) items are properly recorded with an approved Disposal of Assets form. Ensure any necessary, supplement documentation is complete
  • Conduct quarterly verification of all assets to ensure consistency with information in the database
  • Ensure Proper disposal of obsolete or broken equipment as per GiveDirectly regulations
Office security and maintenance
  • Supervise Office Assistant to ensure an orderly and comfortable office environment.
  • Oversee steady-state office upkeep, including liaising with the landlord for maintenance fixes and grounds keeping.
  • Serve as security focal point for the field office, update and implement security policies appropriate for the local context.
  • Ensure that outsourced guards are deployed at all offices
  • Train the outsourced security guards on GiveDirectly’s Security Standard Operating Procedures and ensure staff and visitors follow office entry procedures.
  • Submit regular security reports to Supervisor on occurring incidents and any security issues/concerns.
Misc. logistics/admin support
  • Manage mobile-money / petty-cash accounts and track expenditures in an organized, detailed, and verifiable manner
  • Remit miscellaneous payments to vendors and staff as necessary
  • Assist with ad hoc logistical tasks to ensure smooth running of office functions and team events (retreat set-up, internet breaks, etc.)
  • Oversee coordination for high-priority visitors
  • Provide management team with personal travel and admin support;
 Supervisory Responsibilities
  • Supervise the Administrative Assistant, Office Chef, and Office cleaner.


Desired Qualifications:

Knowledge and Experience.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Business Administration, or related & Equivalent field
  • Five years of experience in administrative and procurement management, in the NGO sectors with strong organizational skills.
  • Ability to interact effectively with international and national personnel, and adaptability to unanticipated circumstances.
  • Good working knowledge of IT tools (related software, phone, email, the internet) and computer applications (e.g., MS Word and Excel, G-suite )
  • Exceptional emotional intelligence and a demonstrated ability to work cross-culturally and cross-functionally
  • Exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Exceptional communication skills, including the ability to navigate challenging office management situations that involve complex interpersonal dynamics
  • Strong ownership mindset and ability to work in a self-directed manner
  • Comfortable operating in a culture of direct, candid feedback
  • Excellent English oral and written skills and a high level of service orientation. Willingness to upskill as required by the tasks to be performed. Willingness to travel within Mozambique.
Success Factors:
  • A clear understanding of Procurement, office management, Inventory, and assets management ethics.
  • Willingness and ability to enforce compliance with GiveDirectly and donor policies and procedures.
  • The ability to interact effectively with international and national staff members is required.
  • A demonstrated ability to work quickly and accurately, meet deadlines, and process information in support of program activities.
  • Alignment with GiveDirectly Values and active demonstration of our core competencies: emotional intelligence, problem solving, project management, follow-through, and fostering inclusivity.

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